What do you believe? (v.7)

It’s been two years since my end-of-year viewsletter focused on what you believe. Too long! Over time, readers have submitted dozens of answers, ranging from the illuminating, serious, and funny, to the distressing and the reassuring. Let’s do it again. After all, we are in the season of believing — believing in family, in friendship, in giving, and yes, for some, even in Santa Claus!

We seem to be living in the land of opposites these days, at least, politically and culturally. So, let’s use opposites as our 2019 beliefs theme.  

Before you pick up your proverbial pencils, let’s warm up. Take a look at a few entries (I believe) have been some of the more memorable responses people have offered …

I believe grace is about going slow to go fast

I believe Congress needs an enema

I believe nature deserves a fighting chance

I believe denial is a disease 

I believe religion needs to be updated

I believe children are what we all eventually become 

OK. Now, it’s your turn!

Here, you will find 12 fill-in-the-blank statements organized into six pairs of opposites, so you can reflect on them, together. Fill in some of them, or all of them with whatever comes to mind. Fill them in, in your head, on a piece of paper, on your computer, or post your answers as comments on this blog.

Ready, set …

I believe joy _____________________________________

I believe sorrow__________________________________


I believe age_____________________________________

I believe youth___________________________________


I believe abundance______________________________

I believe scarcity__________________________________


I believe bravery__________________________________

I believe cowardice________________________________


I believe guilt _____________________________________

I believe innocence ________________________________


I believe captivity__________________________________

I believe freedom__________________________________

Do you have your own ideas about opposites that shed light on the world we live in today? If so, what are they and what do you believe about each? Fill them in here:

I believe____________________________________________

I believe____________________________________________

I look forward to learning what you believe. May 2020 be a year you can believe in.

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