Let’s get real!

Authenticity. There isn’t much of it out there these days. Maybe there is among the animals who don’t know anything else. They never learned how to fake it. Increasingly, we humans are faced with fake almost-everything: fake news, fake images, fake claims. Artificial intelligence is...

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Will my life be rich?

There is a hopelessness in the air these days. We have, many believe, reached the point of no return when it comes to getting along with people who don’t see things our way. We speak the same language yet understand nothing. To quote a famous...

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Don’t be Foogled!

Facebook is now aggressively challenging Google’s growing success in social media—especially in relation to music, video and mobile services—aiming to maintain its innovator’s edge. In its massive makeover, however, it is also succeeding in offending Facebook loyalists who are less than thrilled with many of the changes. Worse, in some peoples’ eyes,

Down with Individuals (Not!)

A recent, front page article in The New York Times about French
identity reported that the French Conservative candidate for president,
Nicolas Sarkozy, wants to establish a new arm of the government – a
ministry of “immigration and national identity.” At the same time,