The Identity Trilogy


With Jones of the Old Shoes, I have created the identity trilogyIdentity Is Destiny for corporate leaders, The Identity Code for individuals, and now Jones for children. While they are written for different audiences, all of my books are founded on the same fundamental principles, so they stand as one body of work. Taken together, the trilogy forms the Identity Milestone Series — a pathway to a life of meaning, purpose and impact.

Identity is Destiny


A roadmap for senior executives who want to tap into the uniqueness of their institutions to create lasting value.


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The Identity Code


A way forward for people seeking to create more meaningful lives by aligning how they live with who they are.


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Jones of the Old Shoes


A story to give tweens a head-start in discovering their natural gifts and the potential they hold for making a positive impact in life.


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Identity Discovery Tools

The Identity Discovery Deck

How can you succeed, if you don’t know who you are? The question is as relevant for teens and college students as it is for adults. And the answer is the same: You can’t – at least not easily, or with the confidence to know you’re on the right track. A personalized learning tool that’s fun as well as instructive, The Identity Discovery Deck is your gateway to discovering your identity through the lens of the most important relationships of your life.

adultdeck3The Identity Discovery Deck for Adults

Areas of exploration include Work, Family, Friends, Spouse or partner, and Community. Download the one-page overview or our guide on how to Get the Most from the Deck.


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Ydeck3The Identity Discovery Deck for Teens and College Students

Explore School, Family, Friends, Best Friends, and Community. Download the one-page overview or our guide on how to Get the Most from the Deck. 


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Job_Search_coverJob Search Workbook—Communicating your personal brand for career success
This workbook is an invaluable tool for linking your Identity Discovery Deck outcomes to your job search efforts in ways that will accelerate the process of finding the right job for the right reasons. The Workbook addresses and aligns five key aspects of a search: your resume, cover letter, job interview, elevator pitch, and LinkedIn profile summary, in turn, creating a personal brand that is distinctive, authentic and sustainable. Download a free preview of the Job Search Workbook.


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