Thank you, David Reed

A friend of mine recently sent me this LinkedIn post by someone named David Reed. Actually, it’s not a post; it’s a meditation on mortality. But more. It is a meditation on life. The power and grace of his words startled me. I wondered whether...

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What does joy mean to you?

  In my last Viewsletter, I referred to the Book of Joy, published in 2016, which condenses a week’s worth of discussions between Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama into a compendium of wisdom. In today’s complicated world, I believe it’s worth looking at joy,...

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A time for JOY

The two men reflect on their personal experiences and outline what they call the eight pillars of joy. In re-reading the book, I was struck by how relevant these pillars are today as we navigate a new way of being in the world....

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The crisis crisis

Reading about Rutgers University's ongoing athletic department scandal, leads me to conclude that we're into a protracted crisis season, a time when crises are showing up all over the place. The list is long. Here (along with Rutgers) are a few of my recent favorites. The...

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Crack Your Identity Code

Crack your identity code and the contours of your life will shift. You will not only come out stronger, you will come out larger — larger in heart, larger in influence, and larger in your capacity to love and be loved. For this free resource please...

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New year, new you?

Ever wonder why the new year inspires so many resolutions? And why so many don't stick? On the surface, it's pretty funny. For instance, you see dozens of new faces at the gym starting in January, most of whom have left by the end of...

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What is a person for (anymore)?

… Maybe that’s an over-statement, but it holds some truth. In the words of one CEO, The Times article continues: “You don’t have to train machines.”
In many ways, the seismic shift we’re seeing in the jobs economy towards more highly skilled workers calls for people—especially, the  unemployed and underemployed—to clarify,