When we discover our identity all things become clear. We know what to do and what not to do. Most important, we know why.

Your identity: Your uniqueness and the potential it holds. You’ve probably thought about how identity affects the success of your organization, or even your own. And you’ve probably wondered about what makes you — or your company — distinctive and why that matters. Clarifying one’s core identity is the foundation for creating value and being rewarded for it in return. Looking at the world through the lens of identity reveals purpose, bringing new sight and powerful new possibilities.

Identity Based Living

Identity Based Living

Understanding who you are and the unique contribution you’re capable of making will give you a center of gravity for making wiser decisions and shaping a life you’ll be proud of. +Learn more.

Identity Based Management

Identity Based Management

Building a successful organization means cracking the code on the company’s value-creating potential—and its impact on strategy, brand and culture. This starts by understanding the core identity of the enterprise. +Learn more.

Identity Based Leadership

Identity Based Leadership

Leading others begins with leading yourself – by knowing who you are and, equally, and who you are not. How you lead yourself will have a significant bearing on how you lead others. +Learn more.

Identity Mapping

Find your natural strengths. Discover what you were meant to do. Learn more here.

Identity Discovery Resources

Identity is Destiny

A roadmap for senior executives who want to tap into the uniqueness of their institutions to create lasting value. Buy now on Amazon.

The Identity Code

A way forward for people seeking to create more meaningful lives by aligning how they live with who they are.
Buy now on Amazon.

Jones of the Old Shoes 

A story to give tweens a head-start in discovering their natural gifts and the potential they hold for making a positive impact in life. Buy now on Amazon.

The Identity Discovery Deck
A gateway to discovering your identity through the lens of your most important relationships. Order yours today.


The Identity Discovery Deck for Youth
A specialized version of the deck for students and young professionals.
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Job Search Workbook
An invaluable tool for linking your Identity Discovery Deck results to your job search. Order yours today.