Why the middle matters

One has to go beyond the pairs of opposites to find the real source of anything.” Joseph Campbell    We’re living in a polar world, a world which, in many ways, is defined by polar opposites. Our notion of opposites tends to default to politics: Republicans...

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But, what about the bird?

It's almost spring and here come the birds, back from their southern migrations. Ever wonder how birds get around, how they are able to fly? They use their strong breast muscles to flap their wings to give them the thrust they need to move through...

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Rouhani’s identity imperative

"We must also pay attention to the issue of identity as a key driver of tension in, and beyond, the Middle East. At their core, the vicious battles in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria are over the nature of those countries’ identities and their consequent roles in...

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Obama’s handicap

Like you, I watched the debate last night. And, perhaps, like you, I think Romney beat Obama. Hands down. "No debate!" I'm not necessarily a Romney fan. But here's what I think is going on: Romney has the great, good fortune of not having to defend...

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What Eliot Spitzer is hiding isn’t just about sex

Eliot Spitzer had a lot going for him, at least, as measured by his attempts to right many seeming injustices that, to most of us, needed fixing – outsized pay packages to undeserving CEO’s among them. In some ways, it’s a shame that Spitzer got outed for having a night (a few hours?) with a high priced prostitute; on balance, he was doing a lot of public good.