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“Where is your light?” asked the old shoes … “What is my light?” …“It’s what is most beautiful in you, Jones – it’s what makes you special.


And so, Jones’ journey of self-discovery begins.


10-year-old Billy Jones feels lost, misunderstood by his family and friends, who all want him to be someone he’s not. When Jones finds a secret closet in his room, and in it, a pair of old shoes, he is amazed to find that the shoes can speak. Jones listens to the old shoes when they promise to answer all of his questions, as they guide him on a journey of self-discovery. But, what will Jones do when the old shoes ask him to answer questions for himself?


Jones of the Old Shoes speaks to the universal need to understand who you are and to make the sometimes-difficult choices that build self-confidence, enduring character, and a life you’ll be proud of.


“By accompanying Jones on his magical journey of self-discovery, young readers may also figure out who they are and what they stand for.”

— Nancy Day, author of 14 children’s books, including
The Lion’s Whiskers, and Piecing Earth and Sky Together.


The book is a fable that aims to give kids a head-start in discovering their unique identities – the natural gifts that reveal who they are and the potential they hold for making a meaningful and memorable contribution in life.


If you want to help your child, grandchild or any child to succeed in their chosen field, start here – Start with Jones.


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