Identity Mapping

Life is challenging. The choices you make in terms of work, family, friends and community shape your world. Making the right choices for the right reasons is the key to improving your odds of success. And those choices begin by knowing who you are – by clarifying your identity.


Identity Mapping® is a dynamic method for aligning how you live with who you are. An 8-week, immersive experience, Identity Mapping provides the guidance needed to not just clarify your identity, but to unearth the building blocks which reveal its structure. Further, Identity Mapping includes concrete exercises for making highly-informed choices in relation to your work, your career, and the relationships that matter most to you. Identity Mapping will put you on the path to discovering – and doing – what you were meant to do, where you were meant to do it, and with whom.


Download the Identity Mapping Overview for Individuals or Organizations.


Identity Mapping®

An interactive, dynamic experience, The Identity Mapping Program is based on the unique exercises in The Identity Code: The 8 Essential Questions for Finding Your Purpose and Place in the World. Identity Mapping will help you answer these 8 questions: Who am I? What makes me special? Is there a pattern to my life? Where am I going? What is my gift? Who can I trust? What is my message? and Will my life be rich?

Individuals who take this course will develop stronger relationships, beginning with themselves, by finding purpose and increasing resilience in times of change; at work, by clarifying the special contribution they’re capable of making; with one’s spouse or partner, by developing greater intimacy; with their children, by becoming a better, more aware parent; with friends, by creating deeper connections; and with their community, by making a more meaningful and lasting impact.

"Identity Mapping helps you find your anchor for making better choices. It helps unclutter your life. I have increased the love of my job, my family, and my co-workers. The experience helps you identify what makes you tick and helps you keep that ticking going."

—Chad N., PhD Psychology

"It’s easy to overuse the word ‘journey.’ Identity Mapping is truly a journey into your self, where you come out with an extraordinary awareness of who you are and what your innate potential is."

—Sarah N.

"This powerful Identity Mapping framework has helped me bring more of my 'best self' into my work with my clients, which in turn has helped them guide their actions by 'the light of who they are.’"

—Janet T.

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