Let’s get real!

Authenticity. There isn’t much of it out there these days. Maybe there is among the animals who don’t know anything else. They never learned how to fake it. Increasingly, we humans are faced with fake almost-everything: fake news, fake images, fake claims. Artificial intelligence is...

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Who am I?

In the 1999 movie, Analyze This, Billy Chrystal plays a psychiatrist who's treating a mafia boss.There’s a scene with a meeting of mob bosses, where Billy Chrystal unexpectedly shows up and sits in for his patient. Surprised, one of the other bosses asks him, Who...

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Why the middle matters

One has to go beyond the pairs of opposites to find the real source of anything.” Joseph Campbell    We’re living in a polar world, a world which, in many ways, is defined by polar opposites. Our notion of opposites tends to default to politics: Republicans...

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What two weeks in Japan taught me about walls

My wife and I just returned from a two-week vacation in Japan. The trip took us from Tokyo through the Japanese countryside, where we stayed in Ryokans: the small, country inns that capture the traditional essence of rural Japan. A few days later, we wound up in Kyoto...

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What’s your Dawn Wall?

This past January,Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson reached the summit of El Capitan's Dawn Wall -- a quest that included years of planning and that many considered the most challenging rock climb in the world. One of the climbers, Kevin Jorgeson said of the achievement: "I...

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What is a person for (anymore)?

… Maybe that’s an over-statement, but it holds some truth. In the words of one CEO, The Times article continues: “You don’t have to train machines.”
In many ways, the seismic shift we’re seeing in the jobs economy towards more highly skilled workers calls for people—especially, the  unemployed and underemployed—to clarify,