How can I bring out the best in people so we succeed, together?

Identity Based Leadership

Identity Based Leadership

Many leaders rely on the power of their positions to get people to follow them. For some, that may be enough. But for others, leadership is a much more nuanced, human experience. It involves listening to what motivates people personally, understanding who they are as individuals, not just “employees,” and finding the common ground necessary to move forward, together.


Authenticity, integrity and courage are hallmarks of persuasive leadership. They all come from knowing your innate strengths as well as your natural limitations and sharing them with others. Being self-aware and candid about who you are makes it possible for people to trust you more easily and more quickly, leading to more productive, lasting relationships.


Make your identity a framework for leadership.


Leadership branding

How can you lead others, if you don’t know who you are? The higher you go in an organization, the more important it is to be known for who you are as an individual; not just for what you’ve accomplished as an executive. Doing so is the only way to build trusted relationships with peers, direct reports and employees.


We begin by working with you to clarify your identity – your unique, value-creating characteristics and the pillars it is built upon. This step gives you the foundation you need to define and communicate your personal leadership brand – orally and in writing – in ways that are distinctive, authentic, sustainable – and trustworthy.

Executive Coaching

One’s career success is inextricably linked to one’s success in life, through the many relationships affected by it. With this in mind, we view executive coaching as a means of improving not only an individual’s job performance, but as a way of enhancing his or her life, overall.


Having worked with dozens of leading companies across numerous industries, and around the world, we have the experience needed to provide candid, incisive guidance for sparking constructive actions affecting the performance of the executive, internally, and as a representative of the organization, externally. Our aim is to help the executive achieve exceptional results that translate into measurable, sustained success.


Partnering with the executive and line manager, we develop an action plan with concrete goals, which become the basis for ongoing accountability. Depending on those goals, we gauge success through before-and-after 360° performance surveys as well as in-depth interviews with the executive’s senior manager, peers, and direct reports.

"The work I’ve done with Larry is a template for how, as a senior leader, I can improve basic work processes and build more potent relationships across the organization, as a result."

—CEO, forest products company

"Larry has helped me see myself in an entirely different light as a leader. How I approach the challenge of working with others will be different – more empathy, more listening, more patience."

—Division president, global chemical company

"In one’s life, we meet a few very special people that end up having a major impact on our lives, whether personally, professionally, or both. Larry is one of those special people who have significantly impacted my life, not just my work."

—CEO, global industrial company

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Resources for Leading Through Identity



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