Romney catch-up baseball

I hate politics. It is fundamentally based on being comfortable losing touch with your integrity. Votes are religion. Everything else is expendable.

I heard Romney’s retort to Obama’s speech about the killings in Libya. It was pathetic…”what, no statement of outrage?” Puhlease…

It’s easy to follow the leader (!) with criticism. Now you have a target. It’s a lot harder to state what you believe, on your own.

People used to call Christmas the “sad season” because so many of us get depressed because we’re “supposed” to be happy – and maybe we’re just not.

This election is the sad season for me. A depressing barrage of “mine’s bigger than yours,” or some such version of how can I best separate me from you?

In short, we’re in the season of catch-up, political baseball. So far, I see no clear winner…but Mr. Romney is doing a good job of playing catcher-up.



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