Welcome to the “Refutican” Party!

I’m mad as hell and I guess I’m going to have to continue to take it!

Although, I am not a registered Republican, I am a registered American and have been watching in disbelief as the Republican Party has devolved into a playground full of recalcitrant middle-schoolers.

It’s been quite the show watching how each of these seeming adults — Perry, Bachmann, Gingrich, Romney, etc. — have transformed themselves into bona fide adolescents, whose greatest skill seems to be knocking the other guy. One refutes what the other stands for. Another beats that refutation with an attack of her own. And on and on it goes. Welcome to the Refutican Party!

Add up this awful evidence and the only conclusion can be that the Republican Party has lost its way; it has bowed to the whims and fancies of egomaniacs, cutting itself off from whatever its core identity really is.

Honestly, what’s happened — and is still happening¬† — to the Republicans is disgusting as well as juvenile. Allow me, world, to apologize for the state of American politics; especially, for the dismal, divisive state of the GOP.

Long live PAC money. Dignity is dead.


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