Are You a Conscious Leader? (And Does It Matter?)

We live in a time of purpose-driven companies and purpose-driven lives. One of the groups that promotes the power of purpose is the Conscious Capitalism Institute (CCI). As someone who knows how powerful purpose can be when it is authentically derived (read: innate identity), I’m a fan. But, oh, the challenges.

Being a “conscious leader,” or for that matter, a conscious person, isn’t about being awake simply in the physical sense. It runs more than a little deeper than that. According to Webster’s, being “conscious” refers to being self-aware and having self-knowledge, being mindful and intentional, being awake – yes! – and connected to one’s self. It seems that living in this awakened state is what leads us, naturally, to do the right thing, operate with integrity, create something of distinct value in the world. Sounds like the makings of a strong personal identity, to me.

Are you conscious in this essentially human way?

Are the people you work for/with in this inner identity zone?

And…does it indeed matter?

I vote, yes. You? Let’s forget about changing the world. How about simply changing ourselves and, perhaps, influencing those around us. Let’s start there. Ideas welcome.


Flickr photo courtesy of AlicePopkorn

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