What’s Your Personal Anthropology?

Over the past year, we’ve been slammed by a blinding economic crisis that’s taken the wind out of many people’s sails, including mine. It’s gotten me to think about what matters – and what I believe at my core. Call it my personal anthropology. It’s those things that nothing can undo, change, or violate. Is this something for a blog? Maybe not, but I don’t care. Here you go…

I believe that …

There is a God and He imbued us with unique characteristics which add up to an immutable identity that reveals our potential for creating something of lasting value in the world.

In the process of Creation, God played a trick on us. Unlike the 5 physical senses with which we navigate the physical world, God gave us no conscious pathway for finding out who we are at the core of our beings. Rather, He made us so that we must find our own way there, because anything so powerful and beautiful must not be easy to obtain.

Our identities are the expression of our souls on earth and that when we live in accordance with who we are, we honor God and his divine presence that lives in each of us.

We were designed to live from the inside out, but we live from the outside in, stumbling most of the way.

We are unevolved as a species, and that the real challenge of the 21st century won’t be technological advancement, but to paraphrase John Naisbitt, understanding what it means to be human and building communities that honor this reality every day.

OK. Your turn. What’s your personal anthropology? It matters.

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