What’s on your business card?

How do you present yourself to the world? Do you -- can you -- present your true self or do you present the traditional, expected "data?" -- What you do, who you work for? Here's another approach for fashioning a personal business card that asserts your...

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What do you believe?

Welcome to the believing season, otherwise, known as "the Holidays." It's a time of year when we give ourselves permission to believe in, and be grateful for many things in our lives -- a close family, dear friends, snow-driven evenings; whatever aspects of our lives...

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Who is GE without all its parts?

In the business section of The New York Times this morning,there’s an article about GE planning to sell its appliance division, the oldest business in the company’s 120 year history. The sharks are circling…investors are making more and more noise about selling off other parts as well.